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Grease Trap Cleaninggrease-traps

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Typical 3-compartment Super Basin Grease Trap for Large Commercial Building


Manhole Access to Basins


Grease Retention Chamber Full with Grease Prior to Cleaning


Outlet Chamber Full of Grease and Scale Build-up on Walls Prior to Cleaning

Quality Sewer Services can properly and professionally vacuum and haul the waste from all types of grease traps/catch basins using our state-of-the art vacuum truck. We can handle all sizes and types of grease traps ranging from under sink units, in floor units, or large underground exterior structures.

A properly cleaned and maintained grease trap is an important part of your drainage system for:

  • Residential — single family through multi-unit
  • Commercial restaurants, grocery, food-prep
  • Industrial/Institutional

The grease trap/catch basins is designed to prevent animal fat, vegetable oils, grease and other debris from flowing into drain piping and sanitary sewer lines. If grease traps are not properly maintained or grease is allowed to build up, your drain lines will become clogged and cause a sewer back up.

Quality Sewer Services trucks are also equipped with pressure cleaning equipment to thoroughly remove old accumulated grease and build up on the walls and interior surfaces of your grease trap. This provides a smooth flowing grease trap allowing it to utilize its maximum capacity and efficiency.

High pressure, hydro jet rodding service is also available. It is recommended periodically to perform hydro jet rodding to remove any grease or hard scale from drain piping that may accumulate over time. This restores the pipe to its original size.

After Quality Sewer Services Cleaning and Vactoring of 3-compartment Super Basin Grease Trap for Large Commercial Building


Inlet to Basin after Vacuuming, Pressure Washing and Sidewalls Cleaned


Retention Compartment Cleaned, Scraped and Pressure Washed


Outlet to Basin Cleaned, all Contents Removed and Baffle Cleaned and Checked for Proper Operation

Our trucks have all the necessary equipment available to handle all of your grease trap/catch basin service needs. Whether you are in need of immediate service or just interested in performing maintenance or repairs on your system, a Quality Sewer Services representative can schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. Call us at 847-259-0200 or 630 227-0200.

Emergency service is also available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

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